Empire Phones Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Empire Phones stands by the quality of its repair service and repair parts. Empire Phones customers enjoy a Lifetime warranty on all screen replacements (ANY) physical damage voids your lifetime warranty. We offer a 12 month warranty for small parts such as charging ports, ear speakers etc. Batteries come with a 6 month warranty. Motherboard repairs come with a 6 month warranty. Please note that certain exclusions apply to the all lifetime and 12 month, 6 month warranties. Any physical damage caused to parts installed due to customers fault, all warranties are void.

Warranty exclusions and terms 

The following items are specifically excluded from the Empire Phones Warranty

  • Empire Phones will not be liable for any damage to your electronic device or supplied products during the installation
  • Any subsequent accidental damage to the device after we have completed your repair
  • Operational or mechanical failure of the device (or part thereof) caused by an unexpected or unintentional external event (e.g. dropping the device or placing undue pressure and/or force on the device as a result from mishandling)
  • Water/liquid damaged phones after repair. All warranties are void if water damage is present
  • Any software related issues and faults 
  • Faults not relating to the original repair completed (e.g. if we replaced the screen, our warranty WILL NOT cover a faulty camera, battery, charging port down the track for example). Our warranty only covers the parts we installed only
  • Loss of data (always ensure you backup your device before getting your device repaired) including data retrieval on damaged devices
  • Subsequent repair by another third party repairer. If any warranty issues arise we are to warranty our parts, not another third party repairer. Once another company attempts, opens or dismantles your device your warranty terms are void 
  • Any pre-existing issues that were evident prior to the original repair eg. if your face id does not work prior to a repair we are not liable to repair it
  • Any issues or problems relating to phone features and functions that we were not able to verify as being fully operational prior to our repair (for example, because the device was not charged, or the passcode to the device was not provided) we are not liable to repair. eg if a customer does not know their passcode or is not willing to provide, we are not liable for any functions that do not work after the repair
  • Jailbroken devices 
  • Any repairs that are not performed by Empire Phones. We only warranty our work only
  • A non-working, damaged or severed home button, face id, cameras, charging port etc. Any prior non working parts will not be repaired unless customer is informed prior to repair and customer has agreed to repair and cost
  • Batteries are classified as a highly consumable item and are not covered under the twelve month warranty. Empire Phones will however provide a six month warranty on battery replacements
  • Screen protectors are classified as a consumable item and may get damaged or chipped in daily use, and are not covered under the twelve month warranty
  • We do not offer any warranty with if customer supplies parts and we install
  • Devices are not water resistant after opening after repairs for all model. We are not liable for any water damage after a repair
  • All customers devices are checked after all repairs are completed. Any issues will be discussed with customer before or after repair. We are not liable for any other parts failing or becoming faulty within our warranty terms for the part/parts we have installed. We warranty our parts installed only
  • All quotes and pricing are subject to change
  • The Customer Acknowledges and agrees that a repair by Empire Phones (a third party repairer, i.e. not accredited by the Customer’s devices manufacturer) may void the Customer’s devices manufacturer’s warranty; out of warranty service, or support by the Customer’s devices manufacturer. It may also void waterproof, shockproof, dust proof warranties provided by the manufacturer.
  •  Parts supplied by customer will incur a install fee
  • All warranties will be void if customer refuses to bring their device/devices back for inspection by Empire Phones to validate for warranty terms. No refund will be issued on hearsay via phone call, email, pictures or other third party repairers reports etc. Empire Phones will need to inspect device/ devices for warranty or refund
  • Any newer devices eg Iphone x and upwards may display a non genuine part message in the settings when parts are installed – customer will always be informed
  • Any unclaimed devices not collected within 3 months after the repair is completed, will be dissembled and dispose of the device to recoup amount owed to Empire Phones. We will advise customer by 2 calls and 2 texts to the number provided with job/repair in writing or via voice message prior to disassemble. If we get no reasonable response, we will disassemble and dispose of device to recoup amount owed to Empire Phones 
  • If there is existing damage to the frame and is going to hinder our repair of the device, Empire Phones will not provide a warranty for any repairs completed if customer chooses to proceed with repair
  • Postage ( MAIL IN ) repairs – we are not liable for any damage caused while in transit to us or to you via postal service 
  • During the repair process, Empire Phones may require access to the Customer’s personal information/application to compete the repair. Empire Phones may divulge the Customer’s personal information if required by authority, e.Law enforcement – All rights reserved by Empire Phones 

How to make a warranty claim

You may contact us in writing at info@empirephonerepairs.com.au  to lodge your warranty claim and we will reply to you within one business day. We may, at our discretion, require your device to be sent to our us for inspection prior to the warranty claim being approved. Any subsequent accidental damage that occurs to the phone following receipt of the warranty claim will not be the responsibility of Empire PhonesEmpire Phones will not be liable for any damage to your electronic device or supplied products during the installation. 

Empire Phones ABN: 89470086478

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