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How to Choose the Best iPhone Repair Service in Gold Coast


There are hundreds of iPhone repair shops in the Gold Coast. With a phone that costs a lot of money, you can’t risk going to someone who doesn’t know his craft well, as you might end up with a broken phone and an empty pocket.

When it comes to iPhone repairs, there are a lot of reasons to let professionals handle the job. Their vast experience will help you get your iPhone repaired at an affordable cost and with high-quality parts.

Don’t know where to start?

While choosing a phone repair service to get your iPhone repaired in Gold Coast, ask the following questions before proceeding:


What do people say about them?

Phone Repair Reviews

Would you vouch for someone if you don’t have a positive experience with them?

You won’t do that, right?

Customer reviews are important, and people trust them. This survey showed that 91% of young consumers trust online reviews. You should do it too.

Go on Yelp or check out the Google Business listing of the business to see what people are saying about them. Choose a service that has a good review rating and lots of positive customer experiences to share.

If there are any negative reviews, check if the grievances of the customers were appropriately addressed or not.


Is there a Warranty?

Phone Repair WarrantyUnder the Australian Consumer Law, all goods sold in Australia are covered by a general warranty for a reasonable period.

That isn’t the case with aftermarket phone parts, though.

The major supply of aftermarket phone parts is usually manufactured in China. There is always a possibility of low-quality materials being used, resulting in faulty phone parts and a bad phone repair job.

While choosing an iPhone repair service, ask how long is their warranty for, what it applies to, and the process of claiming it. Look out for things that can make the warranty void.

Usually, a 6 to 12-month warranty on aftermarket phone repairs is offered.


Are they experienced?

Gold Coast Phone Repair

When it comes to iPhone repairs, experience matters a lot. Someone who has been in the industry for years will do a far better job than someone who has just started out.

An experienced phone repair technician would have come across different types of iPhone issues over the years and will be able to address them better.

You should visit the website or social media pages of the iPhone repair company to check the years of experience they have. If they have a good number of reviews and are well-known, chances are they’ve been around for a while.


How long does it take?

Waiting for phone repairOver the years, smartphones have become a significant part of our life. A survey showed that, on average, people spend about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones daily.

They read the news, catch up with their friends and take pictures using their phones. With apps like Zoom, Slack, and ToDoist, they also use it for work-related tasks like checking emails and communicating about work projects.

If you would have to live without your phone for a week or so, you’ll miss out on a lot of important stuff, and your life would be pretty disorganized.

That is why always go for a service that can repair your iPhone in under 24 hours. You’ll save a lot of time that way!


Do they offer on-site service?

interrupted services

Right now, there is a pandemic going on. Major Australian cities have been through multiple lockdowns, and some are currently shut down to control the spread of coronavirus cases.

Due to strict COVID guidelines and social distancing measures in place, it is recommended to stay home as much as possible and avoid large gatherings.

There are some iPhone repair services in Gold Coast that offer on-site phone repairs to their customers. To stay safe, you should act responsibly and choose from these services.

Usually, once booked, they drive to your location with a mobile unit with all the repair tools and a technician who fixes your phone.

Tired of looking around and can’t find a repair service that fulfills the criteria mentioned above?

At Empire phone repairs, we offer the most reliable iPhone repair service in Gold Coast, and the best part, our service ticks all the boxes!

Our founder, Brent, has been fixing iPhones for nine years now and has hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers.

We also offer a 12-month warranty for original parts and a 6-month warranty for aftermarket parts. To fix your iPhone, we drive to your location, and it only takes 30 minutes!


To book our service, call us at 0490 371 748 now.


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