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"You can get everything else delivered to your door now, so why not phone repairs?"
Brent Livingstone — Owner of Empire Phones

Gold Coast's best iPhone and iPad repair

Brent Livingstone is the owner and operator of Empire Phones. Meeting the demands of our fast paced society, Brent chose to move into the arena of providing the convenience of a mobile phone repair service.

Brent is a dedicated and passionate iPhone repair expert, ready to provide the highest quality, on demand mobile device repairing service which comes with guaranteed results and the best prices on the market. 

Knowing that your time is precious, Brent has created this business with a single focus in mind – to provide an excellent service to you at your home or office space, without you losing any time while providing exceptional customer service and pricing.

Brent is well aware that most people simply don’t have the time needed to take their broken mobile device to a repair shop – why take time away from other tasks and wait for a device to be repaired when you can have Brent's one-on-one personal service?

Empire Phones stands by their motto: "If the customer isn’t happy, then neither are we!"
We continue to renew our promise of excellence to our customers.

iPhone repair and iPad repair

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